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HSC Physics Preparation

This course runs in: 

Term 3

2-hour lesson

stick around for questions

Interactive classroom

capped at 12 students

Rigorous theory

from an expert teaching team

Formative practice

and exam questions, all marked by your own teacher

Get the help you need

24/7 online server for questions, and daily live Q&A


3 week trial

All students are automatically enrolled with our three week grace period

  • Leave after 3 weeks without paying a thing, or

  • Stay and pay for the full term

$1100/10 week term

HSC Preparation

  • Chemistry, Physics, Biology

  • Full-length 10-week term

  • Late enrolments charged pro-rata rate and receive access to previous lesson recordings

  • 3 week grace period (trial)

  • Price includes $50 pay-on-time discount

  • Additional $80 one-time enrolment fee for new students

Full access to:

  • 2-hour lessons, 8 weeks

  • Full-length 3-hour mock trial exam + feedback (end of Y12 course)

  • Full-length 3-hour mock HSC exam + feedback (end of HSC prep)

  • Personalised support, classes capped at 12

  • Discord server where you can ask questions 24/7, with live daily Q&A sessions facilitated by our teachers

  • Collated practice questions, revision of key concepts, further synthesis of understanding

  • Lesson livestreams, recordings, digital notes access for entire syllabus

  • A learning community you won't find elsewhere

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