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How do I enrol?

We run small classes that balance a collaborative, supportive environment with personalised support. This starts with our 1on1 enrolment consultation and onboarding process - which is compulsory for all students. This is not an assessment, but rather a chance for us to get to know you and therefore how we could best help you. It's also a chance for you to ask questions to fully understand what we offer.

  1. Please book and attend your free online enrolment consultation.

  2. Use the email sent to you after your consultation to book and attend your free online onboarding session.

  3. You'll then be able to access all of your resources and attend your lessons under the 3 week grace period before fees are due.

Do you offer trial lessons?

Yes! We call it our 3 week grace period. You'll be fully onboarded and have access to all of our resources for 3 weeks before fees for the term are due. If you decide we're not the right fit for you, you can leave before your 4th lesson free of charge by letting us know.

Please note that if you decide to stay, fees are payable for the full term.

How does what you teach compare to school?

We teach to the NESA syllabus, which is assessed in the HSC and at school. While different schools may have varied approaches, the rigorous Science understanding that we teach has helped our students succeed across top selective, private, and public high schools.

Occasionally schools will teach content beyond the syllabus - our teachers are happy to provide some support and point students to relevant resources, in line with NESA's "All my own work" ethics guidelines. Students are encouraged to be proactive both at school and in communicating to their Atlas teacher.

What's your teaching order?

We teach one term ahead of where students are at in most high schools.

Our senior Science courses are taught in sequential order from Module 1 through 8.

If your school teaches to a different teaching order, particularly in senior Science, please enquire with us about running a stream for your order.

*Class of 2026 follow the old teaching order for Year 10.

Term 1: Physics, Term 2: Chemistry, Term 3: Working Scientifically

What if I missed out on prior content?

You have many options!

1. Included in your enrolment is access to all our class notes and lesson recordings from past terms. You're free to use these to self-study.

Find lesson recordings pinned in your class discord channel. Message Atlas Admin if you cannot find them.

Find digital notes in the SharePoint folders.

To get help with content, see "What if I have questions about the content?" for enrolled students.

2. If you'd like access to past modules of homework, exams, and solutions; we can provide a printed copy for you at $100/term. You can also purchase printed lesson notes for $100/term.

Please note these are only available once you have paid the full term fee.

3. If you'd like access to private catch-up lessons with one of our staff, we can organise these for you at $80/hr, pending availability of teachers. Please speak to us if you're interested in this.

If you enrol part-way through a term, you'll only have to pay fees from the week that you join.

What resources will I get?

You'll receive printouts of the following every week in class: lesson notes, homework, and homework solutions (provided with your marked homework).

If you don’t attend class for that week, you will receive the printouts the next time you come to Atlas. This could be your next lesson, or anytime during our opening hours (just message Atlas Admin on Discord in advance).

You can also find the digital copies of lesson notes on the Atlas SharePoint. See "How do I access my digital resources?" for enrolled students.

Will my homework get marked?

Yes! We believe that homework is the most important feedback channel to understand where you're going well and where you can improve. This provides valuable feedback for both you AND your teacher.

At Atlas, it's your own teacher who marks your homework. We think that's the best way for everyone to get feedback.

Where are you located?

We're a short five minute walk from Epping train station at Suite 207, 16-18 Bridge St, Epping NSW 2121.

After exiting the train station gates, turn left. Walk across Beecroft Rd bridge, then down the stairs onto the main road. Walk up the hill and turn right onto Bridge St. Find the large glass + white building labelled 16-18. Enter via the glass doors. Take the elevator up to the second floor and turn left on exit.

How do I enter the building after hours?

The glass foyer doors may be locked when outside of building hours e.g. on public holidays. If we're open, press Atlas Academia on the intercom to the right of the doors to call us. You can also call us on 0413 153 513.

What if I miss a lesson?

  1. Check if you are available to make-up to other classes during the week. You can view the class timetable on the course page on the website. Remember that our week runs Monday through Sunday.

  2. If you’d like to make-up to another class, please message Atlas Admin and your teacher on discord with at least 3 days notice.

  3. If you can’t make another class but can watch the livestream, please message your teacher on discord and let them know. The livestream link will be posted in your class discord when the class is about the begin.

  4. Lastly, if you cannot do any of the above, watch the lesson recording before your next lesson. The links to all your classes can be found pinned in your class discord channel.

You or your family/friends are welcome to come pick up your resources from the centre during opening hours. Please message Atlas Admin on Discord to arrange this in advance.

To hand in homework, please complete it then scan it into a single PDF using an app like Microsoft Lens or CamScanner. Please try do this under good lighting conditions to make it easier for your teacher!

Please note that since our full suite of resources are provided, no refunds are issued for missed lessons.

What if I have questions about the content?

Awesome! Asking [good] questions is necessary to digest new knowledge. You can ask questions:

  • Live in class, with your teacher or other staff members

  • Live at our daily evening Discord Q&A sessions, in our Q&A voice channels

  • On our Discord get-[subject]-help channels, where one of our lovely staff will respond within 2 days during term. You can also post anonymously here.

How do I access my digital resources?

To access your digital resources, please log in to MyAtlas and click on the relevant links to access your resources. These links will take you to Microsoft SharePoint, where you'll need to log in to your Microsoft account (with the same email that you used for MyAtlas). You should have been stepped through this process during your onboarding session.

If SharePoint asks you to request access for resources, please do so. For any other issues, please send a description of the issue + screenshots to Atlas Admin on Discord for assistance.

How do I change classes?

Please message Atlas Admin on Discord with your requested change. They'll get back to you to confirm if there is space available to transfer into the other class.

If you only need to attend a different lesson for one week, please ask for a "make-up" lesson instead of a class change.

How do I get the pay-on-time discount?

The discount is automatically applied to your invoice. Simply pay by the due date on your invoice to receive the discount. The due date is usually 2 weeks before the first Monday of each term for continuing students, and the last day of the grace period for new students.

How do I cancel my enrolment?

We're sad to hear you go! Please send a message to your teacher and Atlas Admin on Discord. You'll be required to complete an enrolment cancellation form before we can finalise this.

Please note that a week's notice is required, and any refund can only be issued in accordance with our terms and conditions.

How do I pay my invoice?

Log in to our parent portal at MyAtlas. We suggest watching the video tour to familiarise yourself with the interface. You'll need to pay with a credit or debit card.

Why can't I pay with cash or direct debit?

We aim to keep all payments through MyAtlas as it allows you and our team to keep track of your payments and invoices automatically. This prevents payment disputes and lost direct debits, and minimises our team's administrative workload so we can fully focus on programs that your students can directly benefit from.

Why do I have to book my term exam?

We like to give students the freedom to choose any time during the week to complete their exam, particularly if you study multiple subjects. If you can’t make any time during week 10, we usually have an extra day open for students to complete exams in the first week of the holidays.

The booking system helps us know when to expect you!

If you cannot make any of the designated exam days, please message Atlas Admin on Discord. We can organise for you to take your exam home to complete.

Unfortunately, we can’t send you a digital version of the exam.

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