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$850/10 week term

Year 11 Science

  • Chemistry, Physics, Biology

  • Full-length 10-week term

  • Late enrolments charged pro-rata rate and receive access to previous lesson recordings

  • 3 week grace period (trial)

  • Price includes $50 pay-on-time discount

  • Additional $80 one-time enrolment fee for new students

Full access to:

  • 2-hour teaching lessons, 9 weeks

  • Full-length 2-hour end of term exam

  • Personalised support, classes capped at 12

  • Discord server where you can ask questions 24/7, with live daily Q&A sessions facilitated by our teachers

  • Comprehensive lesson notes, homework, homework solutions

  • Homework and exam marked with detailed feedback by your teacher

  • Lesson livestreams, recordings, digital notes access

  • A learning community you won't find elsewhere

two students laughing happily with workbooks on the desk in front  of them

Since 2022, we’ve offered an equity scholarship for meritorious students from disadvantaged backgrounds who may otherwise not be able to study with us.

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