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Our why

Atlas Academia is a STEM education social enterprise. 

Our vision

We believe that young people deserve holistic support to grow into effective adults and pursue a fulfilling life that gives back to the community.

This occurs when students graduate school with:

  • Ambition and conviction

  • Goals arising from self-awareness and holistic understanding

  • The will and ability to learn

  • The skills to be effective people, no matter their fields of interest

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teacher smiles at students while pointing at whiteboard

How we get there

It starts with our tuition centre, which serves as the proving ground for:

  • Applying tested approaches from education research in the classroom, while also providing the space to experiment with innovative teaching concepts.

  • Building systems for our educators to work together and be supported in becoming teaching experts.

  • A culture of holistic learning amongst the teaching staff, operational staff, students, parents, and wider community; with an emphasis on student personal development and mentoring

As the organisation has scaled, we’ve been able to devote more resources to our mission, with upcoming work on education outreach and advocacy in addition to our scholarship program.

venn diagram of Atlas academia's three pursuits: education authority, premier education product, social impact
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Our Scholarship Program

Education is perhaps the single most important factor for a student’s personal growth and development, which determines the opportunities they receive as they enter adulthood. At Atlas Academia, we believe that students from disadvantaged backgrounds deserve to be equipped with the same mindset and skills to support them into leading meaningful lives. 

Since 2022, we’ve offered an equity scholarship for meritorious students from disadvantaged backgrounds who may otherwise not be able to study with us.

The students we’re looking for:

  • Show interest in learning high school science and/or further science

  • Are diligent, willing to grow and develop

  • Show initiative in school and extra-curriculars

  • Would benefit from financial assistance

This isn’t just for students with high marks, it’s for any students with the potential to do great things.

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We believe that work is most fulfilling when it:

  • Is engaging and hands-on

  • Is in service to others

  • Allows us to apply our strengths

  • Gives us opportunities to improve our skills

  • Involves a supportive team

  • Is in healthy balance with the rest of our life

Adapted from:

We have rigorously followed these principles while building the organisation and continue to do so as we grow.

Atlas Academia is always in search of people with the passion and ability to help students realise their potential, in these teams:

  • Teaching: teaching and mentoring stage 5 and 6, with many gifted and talented students

  • Operations: administration, customer service

  • See somewhere else you might be able to help the organisation? Reach out!

Our staff work in a collaborative environment within our small, supportive and performance-oriented team.

If you're interested, please contact us at with your resume and why you’d be a good fit.

What is a social enterprise?

As a social enterprise, our business model is an intermediate between a traditional business and a non-profit organisation.

Goals of a Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are organisations that:

  • Are led by an economic, social, cultural, or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit;

  • Trade to fulfil their mission;

  • Derive a substantial portion of their income from trade; and

  • Reinvest the majority of their profit/surplus in the fulfilment of their mission

Source: Finding Australia's Social Enterprise Sector, 2016

About the founders of Atlas

We are educators who dream of honing our passion for teaching as well as using it to pass on meaningful lessons to our students. We have the upmost respect for the people that work in schools and other educational institutions, but believe there are currently systematic barriers that prevent well-meaning educators from providing the best education possible for their students.

What Atlas was created for?

We founded Atlas to be an independent organisation that could work towards creating a new way to approach education from scratch. We chose to operate as a social enterprise as we wanted to create a system that was self-sufficient and transferable. Atlas is an enterprise that can be profitable, providing the necessary support for our entire team, while also operating under a clear mission to do social good.

Our model

While we trade as a company, our business model is closer to that of a non-profit organisation. During financial years 2021 through 2023, we operated on a zero-profit model.

Other Social Enterprises

To understand other examples of established social enterprises visit:

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