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Alice Lu

Chemistry Specialist

Sefton High School
University of Sydney, Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars) (Chem. Ed. Honours), Master of Teaching (Secondary)
Faculty of Engineering & IT Leadership Scholarship (2019)
Dean’s List of Excellence in Academic Performance (2019, 2021)
Rowe Scientific Chemistry Scholarship (2021)
Frank E. Dixon Scholarship in Chemistry (2022)
Yim Family Foundation Scholarship (2022)
University of Sydney Honours Scholarship (2022)
University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize (2022)
Presented at The Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (ACSME) (2021, 2022)
5+ years of teaching experience

It is important to me that every student feels comfortable and confident in my classroom. My teaching focuses on promoting active discussions involving all students, which I believe is a better learning environment compared to a typical classroom where they are passively listening to me. I want to help my students draw connections between key concepts in chemistry and develop their critical thinking skills so that they are constantly asking, “why does this happen?”

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