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Anthony Mai

Co-founder, Head of Chemistry

James Ruse Agricultural High School
University of Sydney Bachelor of Science (Chemistry, Biochemistry)
University of New England, Master of Teaching
Sydney Scholars Award (2018), The University of Sydney
ADF Long Tan Youth Leadership & Teamwork Award (2016)
Australian Chemistry Olympiad Mentor and Lecturer (2019-present)
Australian Chemistry Olympiad Summer School Scholar (Bronze Medal, 2017) (Silver Medal, 2018)
Senior tutor at Ruse for Chemistry Olympiad (2017-2018)
Earth and Environmental Science Olympiad Summer School Scholar (2016)
Received invitations to Biology and Earth and Environmental Science Summer Schools (2017-2018)
7+ years of teaching experience

Teaching is a skill that is still in its early infancy in terms of how well it is understood by the professional and academic community. At the same time, it is our lifeline to a brighter future, one that can only be reached if the next generation is properly equipped.

The current education system and standard of teaching is inadequate. My mission is to innovate and push the art of teaching to new heights to showcase its true potential.

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