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Jennifer How

Head of Biology & Chemistry Specialist

St George Girls High School
University of Sydney Bachelor of Science (Adv.) (Hons) (1st class) (Uni Medal) and Doctor of Dental Medicine
3rd in NSW for Chemistry (2016)
University of Sydney Dean's List of Academic Excellence (2017-2019)
University of Sydney Chemistry Entry Scholarship (2017)
Denison and Science Research Experience Scholarship (2018)
Walter Burfitt Scholarship No 1 in Chemistry at University of Sydney (2019)
University of Sydney Honours Scholarship (2020)
7+ years of teaching experience

The new syllabus demands that students learn to think critically and adapt the syllabus to new, unseen scenarios to show scientific understanding. Biology is often seen as the softest of the hard sciences. I aim to teach biology in the way that chemistry and physics are taught - systematically and logically. While the science of life is often seen as fickle, each concept has a purpose and meaning behind it, as nothing in life is accidental! However, I also want to draw students attention to the human side of biology, and how our society and its morals influence advancements in science, as well as how we view the world.

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