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Nan Wu

Operations Assistant & Student Support

James Ruse Agricultural High School
University of New South Wales Bachelor of Actuarial Studies / Information Systems
Atlas graduate
School Sports Captain - JRAHS Prefect Body
James Ruse Agricultural Army Cadet - Cadet Under Officer (CUO)
Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award
Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
Australian Olympic Change-Maker Award
HSC All-rounder

Channeling my adventurous spirit, the highlights of my high school years included serving in my school’s Cadet Unit and coaching a netball team. From this I learnt the importance of strong communities and hope to contribute to ATLAS by being someone students can turn to for conversations about anything they need. I believe that by simply talking to a wider variety of people, we are able to broaden our perspective on the world thus fostering personal growth.

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