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Wayne Wong

Co-founder, Head of Physics

James Ruse Agricultural High School
University of Sydney, Bachelor of Science (Physics, Geology)
University of Sydney Faculty of Engineering & IT Leadership Scholarship 2019
International Earth Science Olympiad Silver Medal 2018
Founded James Ruse Earth & Environmental Science Olympiad Training Program 2018
Lecturer and senior mentor for Australian Earth & Environmental Science Olympiad Program (2019-present)
6+ years of classroom teaching experience

I started teaching Physics because I'm not good at Physics!

What I mean by that is, I went through many years needing to develop my own ways of understanding concepts, making use of different methods of learning Physics, and forming many mental connections (sometimes initially wrong too, though eventually we'd get there) until I could build a rigorous picture of the subject.

There's this stigma that Physics is incredibly hard and only for naturally gifted people. While Physics certainly takes work, I'll fight vehemently against the notion that you have to have a "certain type" of brain to understand Physics (or any Science, for that matter). With our personalised approach at Atlas and the many tools we have at hand to help students build their understanding; I believe that *everyone* is capable of seeing the beauty of Physics, and using it to explain the world around us. It's what our Physics team is united by and excels at.

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